60 km north from the city of Beirut, lies a 2.5 hectare vineyard called
Aurora in the eastern Mediterranean mountains of Batroun.

Beginning in 2006, Aurora winery has been driven by a passion where an
oncologist from the small village of Rachkedde started producing wines
as a weekend hobby. Today Aurora is a boutique mountain wine
producing up to 10,000 bottles per year. Since 2014, the daughter of the founder, has been managing the small winery that has been slowly evolving.

The name Aurora is inspired by the nearby village of Aoura where the
vines are grown, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and “Nahr al
Jaws,” or the “walnut river.” The name also refers to the first
appearance of light in the sky before sunrise: dawn.

The logo of Aurora, is an illustration of a stone relief that was engraved by the father of the winemaker back in 1937. He is 93 years old currently residing in the village of Rachkedde. The pattern is also a symbol inspired by the byzantine civilization that has left several traces in the region of Batroun.