ADYAR is the pioneer in Organic Winemaking and Organic agriculture in Lebanon.

ADYAR or Monasteries in Arabic, is born from the ever-existing tie between viticulture, agriculture and monastic life. ADYAR carries the tercentenary heritage of the Lebanese Maronite Order.
The monks preserved this heritage and they provide till now the consumers with a noble range of Organic food and Wine.
The vines are cultivated in 8 different regions across the country. Each region has a specific climate and typographical properties that make each bottle of ADYAR very special, holding the name of its region, ie Monastère de Kfifane, Moanstère de Mar Moussa, Monastere de Annaya etc … The ADYAR range includes today a proud collection of Red, White, Rosé wines and the traditional Lebanese Sweet Wine.
ADYAR is committed not to use any chemical fertilizers, pesticides or any chemical herbicides. ADYAR is the First Lebanese Wine to be certified Organic and to be awarded by Gold and Silver Medals for Organic Wines at the International Organic Wine Award in Germany.

ADYAR, ‘’Produits de Terroir’’ invites you to discover the authentic taste of Lebanon regions.
Each bottle of ADYAR is unique in style.