Comprehensive Tilt CEO Ray Bitar in Ill Health and Near Destitute, Allen Cunningham Says

Comprehensive Tilt CEO Ray Bitar in Ill Health and Near Destitute, Allen Cunningham Says

Ray Bitar was forced to surrender $40 million after pleading guilty to charges related to his time as CEO at Full Tilt, but avoided a prison sentence that is harsh.

Poker pro Allen Cunningham says that former Full Tilt CEO Ray Bitar is struggling with health conditions and hasn’t been living the life that is high all since his sentencing a year ago, despite what some poker fans may think. Those comments arrived within the center of a forums thread discussing the facts of the assets that Bitar was forced to forfeit as part of his punishment for crimes linked to his time as head of the poker site that is infamous.

‘According to my sources Ray Bitar is unlikely to live no more than a couple years and is nearly penniless,’ Cunningham published in a reply to the ‘conspiracy theorists’ who advised that Bitar faked his heart related illnesses to get a more lenient deal year that is last. ‘He didn’t get away with anything. That should be worth more than a random nvger’s gossip as I was member of team full tilt.’ [sic]

Guilty of Complete Tilt Charges

Bitar had been sentenced April that is last to served after pleading guilty to fees of illegal Internet gambling and conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraud. That sentence additionally included the forfeiture of $40 million in assets that were derived from his work on Full Tilt. At the time, Judge Loretta A. Preska noted that Bitar would have faced jail time as well if it hadn’t been for the fact that he required an urgent heart transplant to deal with a critical medical condition.

Despite Cunningham’s words, but, posters continued to concern whether Bitar had really been punished harshly sufficient for their crimes at Full Tilt, which included suggesting to players that their funds were protected in segregated records, not surprisingly clearly not having been the scenario. That resulted in more messages from Cunningham, who felt that the reality was far distinctive from just what most posters imagined.

‘Sorry, I didn’t understand the thread had been just about baseless speculation,’ he wrote. ‘ I just saw ten articles contradicting what I had heard from some people close to Bitar so we thought some body might want to know.’

Enough Karmic Punishment, Cunningham Says

Though some of the other posters into the thread didn’t think that a previous Full Tilt pro was in the most readily useful position to be convincing them that Bitar was worthy of sympathy, Cunningham made it clear that he felt that the loss of Bitar’s wealth and their failing health had been more than enough punishment for his crimes.

‘we feel like that’s not getting away with it in a way that is karmic least. And especially on the other hand to the conjecture in the beginning of the thread that he had hidden accounts and faked the heart problem,’ Cunningham composed. ‘Some people still have not gotten paid also it’s mostly Ray Bitar’s fault, but he isn’t benefitting from this.’

The statements came in the wake of newly released information about the $40 million in assets forfeited by Bitar as being a right component of his sentence. As a whole, money had been seized from 18 various bank accounts at eight various banks, including five reports at the Bank of Valletta in Malta. Four houses were additionally surrendered, along side several commercial properties. Bitar was additionally forced to give up their stakes in over 30 different corporate entities, including 23 that had been associated with Full Tilt.

New Jersey Sports Betting Gets Injunction from Judge

New Jersey State Senator Ray Lesniak believes that sports betting will finally prevail in the court battle over its legality. (Image: Chris Pedota/

New Jersey sports betting was expected to start this past Sunday, but an injunction awarded by a federal judge put a stop to those plans prior to the first bets could be taken. Judge Michael Shipp granted that injunction on Friday, after the four major activities leagues and the NCAA requested a block that is temporary gambling until their lawsuit to end New Jersey sports wagering entirely could be heard.

The injunction came simply a week after governor chris christie signed a bill that partially repealed new jersey’s ban on sports betting, allowing the practice to occur at casinos and racetracks.

Christie and state legislators hope that by allowing sports betting without explicitly regulating it, they can skirt around past rulings that found that the state’s sports gambling aspirations might have violated the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA).

Judge Sees Irreparable Harm

In his ruling, Judge Shipp found that the sport leagues might have suffered irreparable damage if sports betting were to be permitted at Monmouth Racetrack last week-end.

‘ More legal gambling leads to more total gambling, which often results in an increased incentive to fix plaintiffs’ matches,’ Judge Shipp penned in his opinion. He also noted that a short-term restraining order would make certain that the issue was decided in court.

Nj-new jersey officials are making it clear that they will continue fighting this battle into the courts, however, and that they anticipate that they will eventually prevail.

‘This is a temporary order while the core issues surrounding recreations wagering in brand New Jersey are fully considered by the court,’ stated Michael Drewniak, a spokesperson for Governor Christie.

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Lesniak Says State Will Continue to Fight

State Senator Raymond Lesniak (D-Union County), who’s got been one of the leading voices behind sports betting into the state, indicated his disappointment within the judge’s ruling. Lesniak pointed away that it is hard to believe that the NFL could have experienced irreparable harm if New Jersey was permitted to supply recreations betting while additionally they held a casino game in London, England this past Sunday, a location where sports wagering is perfectly legal.

‘it was bought by the judge,’ Lesniak stated. ‘That’s why i am not optimistic about the judge finally governing in our benefit. I wish we’d a different judge…but he’s the judge.’

Lesniak and others think that a likely course for the case will see Shipp ultimately rule against New Jersey in the case. Nonetheless, the state would then appeal to the Third Circuit, where Lesniak says he could be ‘very confident’ that the state can win.

For the time being, Lesniak says he is not too sure that the injunction completely stops sports betting in the state. Whilst it would prevent venues in brand New Jersey from offering bets on NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL games, in addition to university recreations, it is possible that casinos and racetracks could still provide wagering on golf, tennis, and other recreations. Perhaps most lucratively of most, they might be able to let customers place wagers on soccer matches around the entire world.

‘I believe betting on soccer is a attraction that is big New Jersey,’ said Lesniak. ‘Can you imagine Portugal playing Spain, what an attraction that is big will be?’

Lesniak along with other supporters are hoping that sports betting may help revitalize the Atlantic that is struggling City by permitting them to offer the same array of gambling options seen in Las Vegas.

Paul Phua Sports Betting FBI Bust Tactics Had Been Illegal, Says Counsel

Paul Phua’s so-called unlawful sports gambling ring at Caesars was busted by unlawful FBI tactics, his defense group claims. (Image:

The defense in the Paul Phua unlawful sports case that is betting motioned to have evidence dismissed, saying it ended up being gathered illegally by the FBI. Phua, A malaysian poker player popular in the high-stakes circuit, was arrested in June, along with seven men and one woman who are accused of operating an illegal World Cup activities betting operation out of three luxury rooms at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

The defense claims that the FBI acted in a manner that is improper first switching off the Internet to the suites and then posing as repair technicians in order to get inside and collect evidence in the situation which fundamentally led to the arrests.

No Search Warrant

According to US legislation, authorities must either get yourself a search warrant or suspects must waive their constitutional protections against unreasonable queries. Evidence which is regarded as to own been gathered improperly should not be submitted at trial.

Defense lawyers said that the FBI orchestrated the undercover operation contrary to the advice of assistant US Attorney Kimberley Frayn, whom apparently told them that it was a ‘consent issue,’ based on a conversation recorded by an investigator for Caesars.

Court documents show staff at Caesars becoming dubious summer that is last when Phua, or one of his associates, asked them to install an unusually massive amount technical equipment in the rooms, and asked for extra bandwidth at the top the normal WiFi access. Employees also observed computer monitors that did actually be showing likelihood of World Cup matches, while big TV displays were tuned directly into World Cup soccer games.

Caesars tipped off the FBI, which then monitored activity in the suites throughout the thirty days. Phua and their cronies were raided on 9, with gambling records, computer equipment, and other evidence seized july. The Gambling Control Board described the scene at the suites as being a form of ‘high-tech cable room,’ where illegal World Cup bets were being checked by computers remotely connected to others computers overseas. All eight defendants have now been charged with at least one count of the unlawful transmission of wagering information and of running a illegal gambling business.

But whether or not the strategies utilized by the FBI will endure at trial is controversial to say the least. ‘They were everything that is trying could to obtain inside without a warrant,’ said Phua team protection attorney Thomas Goldstein.

Former federal prosecutor Mark Rasch told the Associated Press that the video evidence taken by the FBI during the ploy may possibly have to be dismissed. ‘Police are allowed to work with a specific type of subterfuge, but whatever they can not do is produce a certain sort of scenario,’ he stated.

Ivey and Robl Had Posted Bail

Phua, whom the FBI claims has links to Chinese organized crime, had bail set at $2 million following his arrest, while a $48 million private jet ended up being held as collateral. Bail was compensated by other poker professionals Phil Ivey and Andrew Robl, who have spoken down in defense of these friend.

Natalie Collins, a spokesperson for the US Attorney’s Office, said that prosecutors had been made conscious of the protection’s complaint, but declined to comment prior to the trial that is pending.

The case is one of several that have appeared over the previous month that have raised doubts over FBI evidence gathering methods. In one such situation, the FBI sent a fake news story in regards to a bomb threat to a suspect in order to get him to click a link, hence revealing his location to then. The Associated Press, to who the story had been attributed, complained that the strategy was ‘unacceptable’ and that it undermined its credibility.