Clos de Cana

Château Cana is the story of a man who converted a forgotten land into a vineyard at the very heart of Mount-Lebanon, in a small village called Ras El Harf.

After the Lebanese civil war, many families left the region and their lands. Fadi Gerges, a dentist and also an avid Human Rights activist with a passion for wine went on an exciting adventure: turning the abandoned lands into vineyards. The aim of this project was to encourage the families of around 30 villages to come back to their homes. So, each year, Fadi picked the grapes and shared his experience with the villages’ families, raising their awareness on the process of grapes planting and picking. Naturally, as time went by, Fadi became a winemaker, accumulating over 18 years of expertise in the field.

In 2018, this family owned winery welcomed the 3rdgeneration on board. Both the old and the new generation are working hand in hand to preserve the legacy while growing and expanding by embarking on new journeys together